Sunday, 18 March 2012

Persistence and focus in children

Have you ever thought about your past as a child and realised how awesome you were, what a remarkable vision, your focus and persistence. What a time of life to remember. At this time of life we are so unique and practically God like. The time we do things, adults think it is immature. What a time, we as an adult now dread to be.

When you are a child, you are to be seen not heard. We imagine you are a child that has no developed not realising that a child has developed inside the womb of a mother. For instance, a child knows the fathers voice from inside of the mothers womb, ever thought at the time of birth the eyes might seem to be closed but still makes a movement when the father speaks.

Four days ago, I realised how persistent individual children can be. As children, we do what we are not allowed to do and when we grow into an adult, we stop doing those things. Why do we stop doing those things? We have been influenced by certain things around us which have moulded our way of behaviour and the things we do in life, we have been taught by our parents, our peers, environment, television, radio etc… This has changed our God like behaviour that restricts us from doing what we think. The persistence and focus in us has gone as an adult. Let’s remind us how persistent and focused a child can be. Last week a mother came in the laundrette with her two children. What happened is that they reminded me of my childhood behaviour which I find remarkable. I can tell you a little story about that. When I was little, we use to have a little radio in our home in the late fifties, which I loved so much when the radio would play.  I use to think that there was a human head inside of it. I wanted to open it to see the head but every time my mother or father would remove me from the radio telling me to sit down. I would sit down for a few seconds then once again, go back to the same radio and I would get smacked after doing it a few times but, that never stopped me from doing it which reminded me that the children that come into the laundrette have the same characteristics as I did when I was a child. The children went into action as soon as they came into the laundrette. They were playing with the laundry machines, touching and watching the clothes go round and round. Although they were restricted from touching it, they still continued. What this article is trying to show, is that when we grow into adults, we lose that sense of focus and resistance that was in us as a child. No matter what type of business you do, you have to discover the child in you that will make you focus and persistent.

 No matter the situation you are in your business, don’t give up. Looking at how this economy is at this day and age, it is the time to persist and stay focused.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Laundry services

In terms of doing your laundry, there are a variety of excellent companies that can provide a good service. These companies are all in competition with each other in qualities and value. People now hold different live styles and with the emancipation of women having to go to work and come back late in the night, doing laundry would be the last thing on ones mind. Even though you may like doing laundry yourself, being exhausted and tired you will find it a daunting task resulting in a not so good outcome. Dirty laundry littered around the house will make the house untidy and may possibly develop a fowl smell. Wearing dirty clothes is not an option. Two options are available to you. These include, employing in-house staff to complete laundry as well as other core house activities such as, cleaning and ironing. Another option is to employ a laundry company who will pick and drop your laundry. They will also be able to iron and dry-clean returning your laundry at a specific date and time that is convenient to you. When you need the best laundry and ironing companies there are plenty available when searched for from which can be beneficial to you. You should always select those companies which are trusted, dependable and which you have heard through referrals. A few things that need to be taken into consideration are whether the companies are fully insured as well as how long they have been in business. You need to ensure that their staffs are vetted and you would want know the distance between your house and the company. 

Choosing the right company will ease your problems of thinking what to wear and will bring a professional touch making you confident and radiant.

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Our company- Bennis services LTD

Providing daily, weekly and monthly laundry services in London since 2004 has been our objective. We are situated in the east end of London where our goal is to handle and facilitate easy operations. Our staff are highly trained and well supervised. We provide you with speedy, friendly and reliable services that are equal to none other. We take on your laundry, ironing, alterations, dry-cleaning and carpet cleaning. We will collect and deliver leaving you a satisfied customer. We believe in the motto of always giving people more work that they expect to get. No matter what your requirements are, we will be able to cater to your needs looking after you in your home, office, gym or school. Bennis services are a private company that has offered quality services since 2004.

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